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I am Annie Pokorny, cross-country skier for the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation’s Gold Team. I also moonlight as a student, philosopher, poet, comedian, drama queen and waffle connoisseur.

I come from Spokane, Washington, but have dabbled in Utah, Colorado, Idaho and Vermont. Well acquainted with transience, I spend a great deal of my year on the road, chasing snow, competition and meaning in my sport. To find stability, I look to my friends, family and teammates, but also to my affinity to 1960’s westerns and my shoe collection.

I almost always over or under pack. I also almost always over or under estimate my language, athletic and comic ability. Though a fan of the theory of moderation, the middle’s just never been my thing. Sorry, Aristotle.

So. That’s me.

Welcome to my blog. I’m grateful you’re here and eager to share my thoughts, qualms, heroics and misadventures with you, I hope you’ll do the same with me!


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