I’m a former full-time athlete living in Ketchum, Idaho. My athletic ambitions brought me to the mountains, where I memorized trail systems and explored peaks and valleys through the lens of my Olympic-sized goals.

Now, at the eclipse of my skiing career and the dawn of the rest of my life, I’m choosing to stay in Idaho and continue to explore, this time for fun. I’m a skier, runner, biker, climber and will-try-pretty-much-anything-er. I’m in my twenties and trying to make life happen in a ski town. I have a truck and a rental that I can’t afford, but enough ambition and naivety to know that it will all work out. I consider beer an excellent post-workout recovery drink and pancakes a top-notch dinner option.

I’m in over my head and completely ecstatic about it. I’ll let you know how things go from here.