Someone Made a Technical Hawaiian Shirt

YOU GUYS. Someone made a technical Hawaiian shirt.

Not just anyone, but my friends down the street at Club Ride. I have to admit, I’m a little peeved that the idea has been executed, because my local group of gals had Hawaiian-themed trail apparel in their pockets for a mountain town based start up. We had big plans.

But, if anyone is gonna do it, I suppose it should be a mountain town based startup. So I gave it a ride, and am not giving it back.

Here’s the goods on the Sandi Surfer: 

About $80 for technical chambray (yeah, you read that right) that’s made for riding your mountain bike but honestly can make for snazzy spring skiing, trail running and/or beer drinking. This thing is quick-drying and well ventilated (hello, breezy armpits). When I say quick drying, I mean sweating on a climb, selfie-ing on a downhill (just kidding, don’t take selfies while riding). I’ve been most impressed by how quickly Club Ride stuff dries. They make a lot of commuter clothing that’s made to wear from the saddle to the office. I wear it when I fly, because I’m a sweaty flyer. But that’s another blog for another time.

Here’s the bads on the Sandi Surfer:

Technically, this thing is gold. Aesthetically, it’s the first of it’s kind (that I’ve worn). For the next generation, I’d request brighter colors and riskier prints. I know if CR doesn’t do it, at least one rag tag gang of 20-somethings who will.




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