You thought the snowpocalypse was in January? Let me introduce you to December, dry, warm, brown December. My Instagram feed is blowing up with gnarly shots from the sickee pow, and I’m sitting at a window watching rain drizzle onto the grass. The grass that is green. Green grass. IN DECEMBER.

I’m trying to deal with my snowmo (snow related Fear-Of-Missing-Out) in the best way possible. I’ve been in the dirt for several days now, and, after completing all five stages of grief, feel that I am in a position to offer help to those in need.

For reference:



The getting-on-with-your-life piece is especially complicated when your life is skiing, but you’re the one who decided to pursue a snow sport in a climate crisis, so let’s not be shocked.

Sometimes, taking your mind off what’s bothering you is the best way to get past it. I’ve been thinking of all the fun things I get to do in December rather than ski.

Things to do instead of skiing in December (hint: clicking on the links counts as an activity):

  1. Take a Lukewarm Plunge
  2. Streak
  3. Get artsy.
  4. Count trees
  5. Eat ice cream (before it melts)
  6. Make mud angels.
  7. Count to seven. 
  8. Get a nice tan.
  9. Join Protect Our Winters
  10. Rollerski LOL, don’t do that.
  11. Decorate your home in construction paper snowflakes and paper mache snowmen.
  12. Follow Protect Our Winters on Instagram.
  13. Sing the song “99 Rounds of Laps on the Loop.”
  14. Phone a friend. 
  15. Finally master that crepe recipe you’ve been working on.
  16. Learn a new language (neve, schnee, snih, nieve, sniegs, sno)
  17. Do something.

That should do it for now.


2 thoughts on “#SNOWMO

  1. We are having snowpression here also. Walked with your mom and Martha on Sunday and we had mud puddles to deal with. We are doing the snow dance. Would love to have it all white by the time all you kids get here. Mine are looking for snow too.

    See you soon, Doni

    Sent from my iPad


  2. I was looking for new reading material and I stumbled upon your blog. Great post. Well written and inspiring. Looking forward to coming back and explore other ones you have.

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