Racers to the line. Set…..

As originally posted on my team site, smst2.com

When you line up for the start of a race, you encounter a great deal of movement and ruckus along the way. Skis scraping, slipping, sticking; jackets zipping, tying, stripping. (Didn’t mean for that to rhyme, but it’s pretty nice, right?) You talk to coaches, officials, parents and teammates. You shake out your legs, make sure they’re warm. And then the gun raises, and you pause. In that moment, the world of sights, sounds, worries and expectations implodes into you, sucks straight into your core, and you choose how to compose yourself.

That implosion? It’s happening now, as all of the movement, preparation and hours of summer training swirl around us, we now get a couple of weeks to reel it back in and compose ourselves.

More than one great sports writer has written on the profundity of the silence before the gun. It’s a common used trope, on the…

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