A Nordie Hallows Eve

Spandex and glitter and gummies?! Oh My.

I’m not totally caught up on the history of Halloween, but I’m pretty sure that it was invented for Nordies. If you think about it, trick-or-treating just isn’t all that different from visiting Birkie Feed stations, and, while I’m all about that healthful endurance life, some see it as a great excuse to party before we hunker down for the season.

As a result, I see in the world’s classic holiday costumes more than just sexism, poor humor and cultural appropriation, but a great chance to get our Nordie on. See for yourself:

Global Warming: 

Is it hot in here? Or is it just me?

A Technical Delegate 

Do you know what we do to skiers who commit illegal lane changes?

Kikkan Randall

Bonus points if you figure out a pregnancy spin.

The US Ski Team

Do it for Justice.

Matt Whitcomb

Hello, America.

The website formerly known as Johnny Klister:


Andy Newell:


Team Norway:

Yeah, yeah we get it. Red spandex, superpowers blah blah blah

The Norwegian Women at the finish line:

Petter Northug: 

wide faced smiley emoji

A two kilometer loop:

And for all the couples out there:

The #Annies:

Team Gregg: 

Emil Jonssen and Anna Haag: 

Have fun, kids.


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