5 stages of the common cold


Welcome to fall. Autumn: the time of cooler temperatures, colorful leaves and the initial rampage of the common cold. School’s back in session, dining halls are up and running and, apparently, so is my nose. Like that of grief or depression, illness in the life of a skier remains a dark, lonely time. One of isolation, social scorn and self-hate, this experience is at once feared and inevitable. Luckily, most of us usually make it out after about 7-10 days which the internet has categorized into 5 distinct stages of the illness. I’ve taken the liberty of re-categorizing those to match the understanding of a skier, so that we may know these stages and help each other an ourselves.

I’m here for you.

Stage 1: Sore throat: Denial. 


It’ll go away if I ignore it. Shhhhhhhh, just keep training.

Stage 2: Fatigue: Denial. 


I’m tired because I had a big training block like 10 days ago, it’s late onset fatigue. I also went to bed a little late last night and drove somewhere yesterday, so I’m just stressed, not sick.

Stage 3: Pressure Headaches: Denial. 


I might be getting sick. I’m just gonna lay low and not tell anyone, that way if I’m not actually sick, I won’t have to miss any training.

Stage 4: Cough and Congestion: Angry depressed bargaining  


How could I have possibly gotten sick?! This is such a surprise! I was so careful! Maybe if I only ski a little bit and sleep all the other times I’ll be able to make it out of this without missing any days. I’m so ashamed…

Stage 5: Acceptance (read: sleep)

I really should have just done this 5 days ego. But. Life’s a journey.


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