Yo homies.

Last week, I asked you all to contribute your opinion on what kind of dance I should do for my fundraising video this year. After receiving double (DOUBLE!) the amount of votes as last year, the winner, coming in at a rousing 36% of the votes, was Hip Hop (with interpretive/improv coming in at a close second, with 27% of the vote). Contemporary dance took a solid third, and apparently nobody cares about line dancing.

In a striking turn of events, the “other” category made up 11% of the votes, where 50% of those votes were for Chinese Opera. I’ll let you google it yourself, but it just might have to be on the docket for next year.

I have to be honest, I was definitely pulling for contemporary dance. BUT, this is America, and what the people want, the people get. So, I’ve spent the last three days researching hip hop dance routines and am going into this project a little stunned, but excited.

Thus, in addition to my hours spent focusing in my V2 technique, volunteering for the T2 Foundation and just generally getting jacked, I now will devote a great amount of time to mastering the Pop, Lock, Jerk, Twerk and maybe even a Stanky leg or two.

But, there’s a catch, because this is America, and few things come for free.

You may recall that this little project is directly tied to my fundraising efforts for the upcoming ski season. A non-profit organization, my team functions mainly (read: completely) on donations to fund the travel, training and racing of its athletes. This month, we’re each trying to raise as much money as we can for the team, efforts that will culminate in our annual Ski-A-Thon on the 29th.

My goal is to raise $10,000 before the event. By my (and my iphone’s) calculations, if as many people donate as did vote on my dance type, I should be well within that goal. But, this is America, where votes do not necessarily invoke action, so I’m going to offer even more incentive to give (other than the tax deduction, contribution to Olympic dreams and all my love).

Like I said, I want to take this video to the next level this year so, here are my fundraising levels, and their resulting dances:

If I raise $5,000 I will make a hip hop dance video where I dance everywhere I go throughout the season.

If I raise $8,000 I will do that dance strictly public places everywhere I go throughout the season, involving as many friends as I can, and make a video.

IF I RAISE $10,000 I will do that dance in strictly public places, everywhere I go, make a video AND perform it, live, at Spring Series.

Can we work with that?

I’m going to get all NPR on you and suggest that if you’re inspired to contribute, want to keep the blog and the dream alive, or just want to watch me nae nae, donate now (with Annie P in the checkout note). I’ll even put a nice button here for you:

Donate Button with Credit Cards

X’s, O’s, and a million Jimmy Fallon youtube videos,


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