On shaking that money maker

Growing up, I hated the way that my dad danced. I felt that he used his dancing to spite me, that he found some sort of sick satisfaction from embarrassing his teenage daughter. His moves were simple but effective: an Urkle-like gyrate that attracted all attention within a three mile radius.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized that his dancing wasn’t contrived. It wasn’t designed to embarrass me. Neither a caricature nor over-exaggeration, rather, his moves were wholly his, a legitimate effort to groove to the rhythm and bring the music alive. What’s more, what brought me to this realization was that, in that single moment, I could not deny a simple fact: I dance the same way.

And I’m a great dancer. In my own interpretation, at least. Often referred to as “energetic,” “expressive,” and “yikes,” my moves don’t often follow eight counts, and rarely follow a lead. Thus, last year, as I embarked on reach my fundraising goal, I thought it would be neat to dance my way through ski season to thank my donors.

And it was neat! But also really, really hard. Like I said, I rarely follow eight counts, so when my teammate Jessie Diggins choreographed a routine for me to learn, it took nearly the entire ski season to get it down. But I did get it, and still bust it out at parties (thank you, Jessie). You can see the product here. 

This year, as told through yesterday’s post, I want to take it up a notch. I’ll do another dance, and dance it across ski season, if I raise the money to do so, but this time it will be bigger, brighter, flashier. Before I get rolling, though, I need your help choosing what kind of routine I should do. What do you want to see?

After much deliberation, I’ve narrowed the choices down to hip hop (like last year), contemporary, line and interpretive dance. Examples of each below (for what I’ll create, imagine these examples but divided by four..especially for the dances done by 11 year olds).

Hip hop:




I don’t have a video for this one. Just find on of me at a dance party and you’ll see it all.

Here’s the poll, give it a little love. The winner will be announced here, tomorrow. 


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