Race Braids: Michigan Edition

Friends, US Nationals is upon us again. You know what that means: timing booths, start wands, kickass racing and team spirit. It also means the return of the storied and revered ritual of the race braids.

One caveat. The frozen, snowy, Arctic tundra is the host of US Nationals this year. Rather than the traditional french and dutch braids, designed and pulled perfectly to stick out of your headbands on sunny days, we’ll have to talk about the altogether foreign: hat braids (and buff braids…yikes!)

Fear not, sisters (and brothers, read on). We’ll make it through together. After all, look fast, race fast, right?

As a counterpart to last year, my teammates and I have come up with the braids of 2015:

Low hat braid:

Keeping it chill, breh

Low hat braid (with a twist):

Oh casual updo? You must be fancy.

The I-read-too-many-girly-magazines braid:

It has four tiers.

The I-wear-buffs-but-want-everyone-to-know-I’m-a-girl braid:

Notice the whispies and side pony

The Dude braid (facial hair)

“this is actually pretty warm”

The dread braid (because, the UP)


The Cindy Lou Who:

did not pass the double pole test
did not pass the double pole test

The Medusa:

watch out for bites
watch out for bites

The Pioneer:

Getting all Laura Ingalls Wilder up in here

The Stuck in Narnia:

So frosty!
So frosty!

And, finally, the I-cut-my-hair-into-a-bob-and-am-suffering-the-consequences:

Also known as the Captain Jack Sparrow

Good luck to everyone with your hair this weekend (and the races too, I guess).


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