Grant Foundations

I’m a grateful recipient of grants and donations from the following foundations, each committed to encouraging the cultivation of healthy, active communities and competitive athletes.

The T2 Foundation, my team’s title sponsor, supports athletes in Olympic snow sports with the aim of fueling grassroots growth in sports and reaching out to youth in athletic communities.


Spokane Nordic Ski Association, my home club in Washington, gives me financial and community support. I’m proud to represent my home, no matter where in the world I ski.

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 11.08.03 AM

The Level Field Fund, founded by Ross Powers and based in Portland, ME, helps fund competitive athletes in snow sports.


The National Nordic Foundation dramatically decreases the cost of development level race trips from World Juniors to National B Team World Cup starts.


Additionally, I have received generous support from The Boswell Family Foundation (Sun Valley, ID), The Spokane Sports Commission (Spokane, WA) and the Pacific Northwest Ski Association (Usk, WA)

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