In case you need more reasons

If you’re a member of the Lowdown Letter, you’ve already seen this (did I not promise you special treatment?) Gold star. You may do something else now. If you haven’t, read on, my friends (and sign up for the Lowdown Letter and special treatment!)

This Saturday, September 20th, my teammates and I will embark on our annual 100K Ski-A-Thon, an event designed to spread the word about our program and give us an opportunity to fundraise for ourselves. The day will consist of six hours of roller ski navigation through the beautiful and sometimes treacherous terrain of rural New York. There will be glory, tears, bonks and, maybe, a little road rash. It will be legendary.

SMS T2 Skiathon Poster

Aside from the photos and team bonding, the event gives us the chance to reach out to our communities and gather support for the upcoming year. In addition to the support I receive from my sponsors, I need to raise $10,000 to continue to travel, train and volunteer. That seems like a lot, but many small donations add up. To make it easy for both you and me, here are 10 reasons you should donate, if you haven’t already (hi Mom).

  1. No funding, no travel. No travel, no blog. It’s a slippery slope, folks.

    That is a sad, empty blog.
    That is a sad, empty blog.
  1. Nordic skiers are skinny enough. Think of this as a hungry skiers fund.
    Spring Series-18
  1. I’m learning to dance. For you! If I reach my fundraising goal, I have promised to dance publicly in every place I travel, recording and producing a video for your viewing pleasure.
  1. Race fees pay for grooming, officials, race line snacks and other important event necessities. If I can’t pay my race fees, I’ll be forced to hack into the timing  online system and register myself, which would mean rocky corduroy, grumpy officials and one less finish line bagel.

    I'll learn how to computer, it will be fine.
    I’ll learn how to computer, it will be fine.
  1. I volunteer. A lot. Our team is a 501c3 non profit (That’s right! So your donation will be devastatingly tax deductible). A great deal of our time is spent growing the healthy athletic culture of our homes. To do this, we work with organizations like Fast and Female, Girls on the Run and Summit Sisters, host clinics for kids and adults and make many a school visit.
    Erika leads her friends to the top
  1. I’m pretty big on thank you notes. Do you like obscure Latvian post cards? Donate.
  1. Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people just don’t kill their teammates. They just don’t.
  1. I have made big goals for U23 World Championships in Kazakhstan (yes, KAZAKHSTAN) and US Nationals. Leading into them, I would love to be able to focus on race day, not paying for it.

    Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 2.23.07 PM
    In case you cannot read it, googlemaps told me that it could not calculate walking directions from here to Alamaty, KAZ.
  1. Baggage fees are expensive, and 210cm skis are hard to carry on.
    But where will women put their purses? I have an idea, let’s put a shelf behind them where they can’t see it, a perfect place for valuables!
    Just. No.

    10. Because I love to ski. We’re talking real deal, head over heals, lifelong love. That passion drew me to the sport, and the culture kept me there. I will always enjoy a solitary trip into the woods, exploring trails, listening to my heart beat reverberate off of the silent aspens; I don’t need funding to do that. I need it to share that experience, to perform at my best and to help advance the sport. In the last year, my love of skiing hasn’t changed, but my investment in its cause has. Through my results, writing and volunteering, I want to bring Nordic skiing to the forefront–the face painting, campaign gaining, prime time TV watching forefront. It’s possible but we need your help to do it.



So, there you have it. 10 reasons you should donate to my 100K campaign (that’s one for every $1000 I hope to raise). Donation info below.


Donate online here, remember to mark that your donation is for Annie Pokorny in the checkout process. or
make out a check to THE ELITE NORDIC FUND/ANNIE POKORNY and send it to

Annie Pokorny
07 World Cup Circle
Stratton Mountain, VT 05155

Ya’ll’re beautiful.


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