Help me help you

Here in the Northeast, the leaves are starting to change. Cooler temperatures, rainy winds and crimson trees all denote the hopeful arrival of winter, but, more immediately, the gradual disappearance of green.

And by green, I mean money.

Last year, I thought of as many creative ways to fundraise for myself as I could. Running a meth ring and panhandling turned out to be a little too time consuming for this athlete, and this year I have little more to add to the list other than kidnapping myself and demanding ransom (which, if Scandal has taught me anything, is out of the question because it would entail that I cut off my own ear).


So, to where do I turn now? I have 20 days until the SMS T2 100K Ski-a-Thon, which is our greatest fundraising opportunity of the year, which means I have 20 days to convince you and your affiliates to help me keep on chasing the dream. If there’s anything I’ve learned from social media, it’s that public embarrassment is pure gold.

My goal with this year’s 100K is to raise $10,000 to fund my year of travel (eating, racing and blogging included). In order to do so, I’m offering the incentive of my dignity in one of the following ways, but I need your help deciding!

Quick, vote now! And, if you want extra credit and to get the ball rolling, donate (100% tax deductible!) in one of the following ways:

  • Send a check made out to THE NORDIC ELITE FUND/ANNIE POKORNY to 07 World Cup Circle, Stratton Mountain, VT 05155
  • Donate online here or here, making sure to include that your donation is for Annie Pokorny in the checkout memo.

More hype and more fun to come on the event, thanks for checkin in and helping me get started with my bribe!


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