Summer Haikus

I’ve been doing a lot of driving lately. I’ve listened to a lot of radio, CDs and podcasts. Today, I wrote, er,  poetry.



My watch doesn’t work
It says “Get out of the lake”
I am not swimming.

Razor back, bike shorts
Farmer’s, shin guard and goggle,
I have all tan lines.

Towels, sports bras, socks
and helmets that never, ever
Ever. Will. Get. Dry.

Summer treats are out!
Popsicles! Ice Cream! Snow Cones!
I’ll have hot cocoa.


Swirling, crashing falls,
Frightened of trapped immersion,
Cool dip? Worth the risk.

Searching for beats, drops,
Tempo, hook, line and sinker,
Song of the summer?!

Practicing lawn games,
Thinking how all summers are
America themed.

Long days and short nights,
Mean late dinner and play for some.
Me? Sunrise coffee.

Soccer and le Tour,
Wimbledon’s white shoed drama,
I’ll have a burger.



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