but is it as good as ice dancing?

Hi friends. I’m back in school now, and have gotten a few friendly reminders that that is no reason to stop entertaining the ski community with my irrational thoughts and sport-fueled emotions.

I now sit in a little cafe off campus watching Olympic coverage with my cuppa tea, and am pondering why my sport is not one that gets covered. Instead, I’m watching ice dancing. Nothing against the sport, it looks challenging and beautiful, and I’m actually enjoying myself watching it. But skiing is challenging (duh) and beautiful (duh), too. Here are reasons cross country skiing is just as good as ice dancing (I would say better, but, pc):

1. Contrary to popular belief, we use just as much glitter.

celebratory AND inventive
celebratory AND inventive

2. Our outfits are just as scandy (we’re working on implementing costume changes in skiathlon events)

Thomas Zipfel cartoon
Thomas Zipfel cartoon

3. Our movements are just as graceful and rhythmic as a dance (mostly some of the times)

4. And when we fall, it’s just as exciting as a dancer hitting ice.

Jessie Diggins, everyone.
Jessie Diggins, everyone.

5. We put just as much effort into our hair.

Holly Brooks captures the pre-race mantra
Holly Brooks captures the pre-race mantra

6. There isn’t that much of a difference between tights and spandex. Or tiaras and sunglasses.

7. The humbling truth of both sports is that both only receive national attention every four years. That kind of pressure, to be the ambassadors of your sport to your own nation, creates the brutal expectation that is synonymous with professional sport. Even without the medals, our stories are still incredibly compelling and inspiring, and I hope that people keep sharing them.

That was fun. I’m gonna go read some philosophy to think about on my ski tomorrow. Team sprint in two days, 4:15 AM ET.


Also, just as I’m finishing this up, the American ice dancing team, Meryl Davis and Charlie White, are stepping onto the top stair of the podium. Congrats, guys, may your stories continue to get shared, too.


One thought on “but is it as good as ice dancing?

  1. Mark and I do not believe Ice Dancing is a “sport”….now cross country skiing…. THAT is a REAL sport!!! Here’s to peaking!!!

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