Things that happen in Europe

Last summer, I wrote a few posts on ‘Things That Happen in the East’ because I felt that my surroundings were so foreign, so culturally shocking, that they deserved comment. Well, folks, I now write you from even farther East, where I am constantly shocked by millions of culture watts. Comments ensue below.

1. Internet.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 9.29.15 PM

Haha. Just kidding. That never happens here (she types from her corner at four in the morning, doing all she can to conserve and exploit bandwidth).



At first I was like, “Ew.” But then I my friend pointed out that it’s no different than washing our hands after. Maybe we’re the gross ones for not using them. And then I was like, “Ew.”

3. Paying to use the bathroom. Really inconvenient when you need to hurl.

4. Being comfortable in your own skin. And only that.


5. “Pocket maps”

Puts a whole new spin on having deep pockets

6. AND Pocket Coffees. Little chocolate coffees, I had heard of them in Italian class..the reality is better than the legend.




So, once you get over the initial shock, things are pretty tingly. What a life, huh? Lucky to get to live it.

A presto,


2 thoughts on “Things that happen in Europe

  1. ” A hundred years from now, people are going to look back on us non-bidet using peasants and be like, ‘how can they just smear that shit off their ass with paper and call it clean?'”
    ~Shane McConkey

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